Sven has been working professionally in the sculpture industry the last 15 years. Assisting many renowned sculptors/painters in Australia and Scandinavia and has been a key figure in the development and execution of their work using a broad spectrum of materials. Detailed museum pieces, large public monuments, Awards, life castings and commissions.This hands-on approach has created an understanding of different materials, techniques and styles that can not be taught through schools. The intensity of stainless steel, the temperaments of plaster, the liquidity of glass and the crispness of wax can only be understood by being immersed in its glory. Observing its behavior, making mistakes and letting experimentation, chance and accident reveal its rewards.






Can we evoke an emotional response from the viewer and create a memory? Taunt them to reflect on their personal daily affairs, being this human creature. Reveal an unanswerable question which will capture a moment unknowingly for future reference on their journey into the unknown. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Is there a co-existence or conflict with nature? Do we live up to the expectations of society? Desire, greed, religion, war, sex, death, the list can go on. I want to press the pause button, create an icon, an idol where we can find solace and empathy. This new inanimate companion will isolate and exaggerate specific behavioral traits, seduce the subconscious and tap into a primative communication between the active subject and passive object.



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